Appeal of P&Z Text #625

The following is information to aid in the review of the Planning & Zoning Commissions decision to approve Text amendment #625 - Senior Residential Housing (aka Barons South).

RTM P&Z Committee votes 4-2 to recommend sustaining P&Z approval of text amendment #625 (Majority Report) (Monitority Report)

RTM P&Z Committee-
Tuesday May 31, 7:30pm Room 201.
Wednesday June 8, 7:30pm Room 309.

FULL RTM - Special Meeting June 14, 8pm Auditorium

Minutes of P&Z Hearings:
There are no minutes to any of the hearings or work sessions. This is something that must be corrected to allow for proper review by the RTM or the public.

All Hearings and Meetings via stream on the website. (You can also order a DVD from the Town Clerk

Public Hearing dates:
Feb 17 Part 1 Click to watch Starts 00:05:00 runs to 02:19:00
Feb 17 Part 2 Click to watch Runs to 00:50:00
March 10 Click to watch Runs to 02:07:00

Work Session & Decision dates:
March 17 Click to watch Starts 00:02:45 runs to 00:21:00
March 24 Click to watch Starts 00:39:00 runs to 01:34:00
April 7 Click to watch Runs to 02:12:00
April 14 Part 1 Click to watch Starts 00:32:00 runs to 01:58:00
April 14 Part 2 Click to watch Runs to 00:03:00
May 5 Click to watch Runs to 01:15:00

RTM Rules:
RTM Rules in Reviewing P&Z

Applicant / Selectman information:
Statement of Need
625 Original Proposed Text
Letter about change of text
625 Final Submitted Text
Map of Town Properities associated with Text
Demonstration Site Plan
Demonstration Zone Data
Census data on Ages in Westport
Joseloff Clarification on Expenses
Definitions of terms
Sites visited to gain information and form
Greenhouse Nursing Alternative (video)

P&Z Information
Staff Report
Approval Resolution with Final Approved Text
Staff Memo on Income
Memo answering questions 1
Memo answering questions 2
8-24 Request for Barons Property
8-24 Approval resolution

Town of Westport Zoning Regulations

Town Attorney Information
Town Attorney memo on Asset Test
Town Attorney memo on Fair Housing
Town Attorney Memo on Preferences
Memo to BOF Confirming their input regarding leases and sale of town land
Memo to RTM Committee on Process and BOF and RTM Involvement
Memo to RTM on Westport Preference based on Funding

Town Information:
Town Plan of Conservation and Development
Weston & Sampson Report

Petitioner Information:
Resident Petition
Presentation (powerpoint, now PDF)
Law Review article on Housing preferences
Affordability plan
Letter from Sidney Kramer
Senate bill (not adopted)

Public Information:
Don Bergmann Letter, outlining issue to consider

RTM P&Z Committee Reports:
Minutes of May 31 meeting
Minutes of June 8 meeting
RTM Committee Report on vote to sustain
RTM Committee Minority Report to overturn