My family has been part of Westport for nearly 40 years. I met my future wife at day camp while spending a summer here in 1972. We weekended here for 20 years and finally moved here full time a few years back making our home at 18 Ferry Lane East in District One.

I have a BS from BU and an MFA from NYU, but enough alphabet soup, I am a writer, web designer and media consultant, but enjoy spending my down time outdoors fiddling with the house and grounds most of all.

As a father of two, who attend Bedford Middle School and Staples, I have been involved as a class parent, football, soccer, basketball and softball coach

Most people know me as the leader of the grass roots fight to save the Partrick Wetlands from over development. This advocacy culminated in the donation of the land in 2007 to Earthplace. That five year battle allowed me to learn about Westport's goverment and how to work with all types of groups and people under many circumstances.

I am an Executive Trustee of Earthplace: The Nature Discovery Center. As their VP of Marketing I enjoy promoting all that EP does for the Town and the environment. I founded the Neighborhood Groups Gathering, to bring together the diverse community groups of our town. I enjoying being on the RTM and am chair of the Planning and Zoning Committee. Most of all I look forward to continue to serve the residents of our town.