What are my Goals

Westport's New England character is at a turning point and the time is now to protect it. The pressures to over develop and expand infrastructure to support this trend does not bode well for the future.

Transportation issues are critical, with traffic increasing and available seats on the train diminishing. School class sizes are under pressure and our children's health and education are in play. Taxes are rising, seniors are being pressured and our teachers and police can't afford to live here. Our natural resources are being stressed and our quality of life is hanging in the balance.

The Saugatuck area of District One is being preyed upon as the haven for an increase in multi-family housing, even on properties zoned as single family. The threat of state mandated affordable housing through the use of statute 8-30g is unacceptable and must be dealt with at both the local and state level. Our neighbors should no longer be put in a no win situation. The Town must take action.

Here's what I will continue to do:

  • I will work to preserve Westport's character by identifying and checking attempts to over develop our town and harm our residential neighborhoods. I will continue my work to save open space and prevent sprawl and traffic congestion.

    • Sunrise and Indian Hill neighbors will have my complete backing to protect their neighborhood from uncharacteristic development.
    • Old Saugatuck and Hiawatha area residents will continue to have my support in protecting their neighborhood.
    • Saugatuck Center Development must be in character, reasonable density and not increase traffic
    • I will continue to monitor issues relating to the Norden Property in Norwalk to ensure a limited impact on Westport residents.

  • I will work to have better accountability from the Board of Education, especially when it comes to the health and well being of our children whether in schools or on the field.
  • I will work to complete the needed sewer hook of Saugatuck Shores. In addition I will promote septic system education and seek a town wide septic monitoring system to prevent easily preventable problems from occurring.

  • I will work to keep our downtown vibrant and continue to seek an equitable solution for the location of the YMCA.

  • I will work to protect our seniors from the dual pressures of tax increases and runaway home prices. No one should have to leave their home of 40 years or have to live in a condo because of taxes.

  • I will work on teenage issues. We must enable and support our youth, not punish or alienate them. We must all join together and promote alternatives that benefit them and in turn all of us.

  • I will work to make our government more open and approachable. This website is just the start. New technologies will bring our town to the people so they will have more say and power to initiate change.