Appeal of P&Z Text #601

The following is information to aid in the review of the Planning & Zoning Commissions decision to approve Text amendment #601 - Modifications to the Historic Design District - AKA The Inn at National Hall properties.

RTM P&Z Committee-
Monday Jan 4th, 7:45 Auditorium.
Wednesday Jan 6th 8pm room 102. If needed for more input and vote

FULL RTM - Special Session Weds January 13th, 8pm Auditorium

Minutes of P&Z Hearings:
There are no minutes to any of the hearings or work sessions. This is something that must be corrected to allow for proper review by the RTM or the public.

Hearing Date: October 1, 2009
Work Session Dates: 10/8, 10/15, 11/5, 11/12 & 12/3
Pre-application hearing 7/30

All Hearings and Meetings, especially 10/1 (early in file #1) and 12/3 (17 minutes into file #2) can be seen via stream on the website. (You can also order a DVD, RTM P&Z Com there are DVD copies of 10/1 available at Town Clerks office)
Note: Most links are at the bottom under repost. According to Larry Bradley, the October and December work sessions had discussion, the November ones little.

Town Information
Staff Report
Staff Zone History
Staff Calculations
ARB Minutes

P&Z Resolution approving the amendment
New wording of text

Town Attorney (this info was from a prior appeal, but still applies)
Memo on RTM purview

Petitioner Information
Resident Petition for Appeal
Petitioner Letter Outlining Reasons for Appeal

Submitted to at RTM P&Z Committee:
Letter about issues
Issues Outline
Quotes by Commissioners in Hearings and Work Sessions Square Footage Calculations
Time line of Situation
Article about Antares 1
Article about Antares 2
Parking Calculation 1
Parking Calculation 2

Applicant Information
Statement of Need

Other info
Letters Pro
Letters Con

There is now a law suit filed in Superior Court.
Law Suit.