Appeal of P&Z Text #621

RTM P&Z Committee voted 6-2 to recommend the RTM overturn Amenndment 621 (report is below near bottom)

The following is information to aid in the review of the Planning & Zoning Commissions decision to approve Text amendment #621 - Residential Structures and Coverage.

RTM P&Z Committee-
Wednesday January 5, 7:30pm Room 309.
Wednesday January 12, 7:30pm Room 309.

FULL RTM - Special Meeting January 18, 8pm Auditorium

Minutes of P&Z Hearings:
There are no minutes to any of the hearings or work sessions. This is something that must be corrected to allow for proper review by the RTM or the public.

All Hearings and Meetings via stream on the website. (You can also order a DVD from the Town Clerk

Public Hearing dates:
9/30 Click to watch
10/7 Click to watch
10/14 Click to watch (starts a few minutes into stream)

Work Session & Decision:
11/1 Click to watch (starts 38 minutes into stream)
12/9 Click to watch (starts 3 minutes into stream)

RTM Rules:
RTM Rules in Reviewing P&Z

Town Information:
621 Explanation of Need
621 Staff Report
621 Proposed Text
621 Resolution & Adpoted Text

P&Z Power Point Presentation
Residential District Table - Coverage
Coverage Table Proposed
Building & Total Coverage #1
Building & Total Coverage #2
Building & Total Coverage #3
Building & Total Coverage #4 PZ Staff memo saying, they, Conservation and Engineering no longer believe patios should be in coverage. Submitted and discussed at the beginning of the 10/14 hearing.

P&Z Submitted infomation to RTM
Text Comparison Chart before and after Very useful
Coverage Changes Chart
Coverage Calculations
Coverage Comparison to other Towns
Ellie Lowenstein remarks on background to amendment

Mozian Memos:
Coverage Changes
Coverage Thoughts
Text 621 Coverage Memo
Text 621 Coverage Memo 2

CT Stormwater Manual (2004)
Mark Coooper WWHD memo

DPW Drainage Information:
Drainage Policy
Drainage Standards
These are the Sept 1, 2006 Drainage Design Standards as well as the policy for handling coverage when elements of a lot are to be demolished. The Zoning regulations require that the Engineering Department approve proposed projects prior to issuance of a Zoning Permit, approval of a subdivision, or approval of a Special Permit or Site Plan. This is what DPW uses to do reviews.

Minutes Voted not to support Text 621
ARB Statement explaining opposition

Town of Westport Zoning Regulations

Town Info on 621

Petitioner Information to P&Z:
Resident Petition
P&Z Hearing Submission & Presentation
Small Lot detail graph Original Petition Submitted to P&Z during hearings

Petitioner Presentation information to RTM:
Jacobs Jan 5 Presentation memo to RTM P&Z Com
Jacobs Submissions on Non Conformity
Jacobs Submission on Model Zoning
Jacobs Submission Tax Assessor on Impact 1998
Canning Submission on Wetlands and Non Conformity
Bergmann Submission on Non Conformity
Calese Submission on Inland Wetlands Properties
Benson Submission on Drainage and more
Submitted Letters 1-51
Submitted Letters 52-105
Submitted emails 11
More emails have been sent directly to RTM Members

RTM P&Z Committee Reports:
RTM P&Z Final Report (pdf)
RTM P&Z Final Report (doc)