Appeal of P&Z Text #618 & #619

The following is information to aid in the review of the Planning & Zoning Commissions decision to approve Text amendment #618 & #619 - Modifications to Section 32 and creation of section 39A - AKA Inclusionary Zoning.

RTM P&Z Committee-
Tuesday November 23, 7:30pm Room 309.
Monday November 29, 7:30pm Room 309. If needed for more input and vote

FULL RTM - Regular meeting December 7th, 8pm Auditorium

Minutes of P&Z Hearings:
There are no minutes to any of the hearings or work sessions. This is something that must be corrected to allow for proper review by the RTM or the public.

All Hearings and Meetings via stream on the website. (You can also order a DVD from the Town Clerk

Public Hearing dates:
9/30 (First Streaming file only)
10/7 (First Streaming file only, Mr. Calise speaks first)

Work Session & Decision:
11/1 (First Streaming file only)

RTM Rules:
RTM Rules in Reviewing P&Z

Town Information:
618 Explanation of Need
618 Staff Report
618 Adopted Text
618 Resolution

619 Explanation of Need
619 Staff Report
619 Adopted Text
619 Resolution

1st Supplimentary Comments
2nd Supplimentary Comments
3rd Supplimentary Comments

List of Split Lots
Multifamily unit worksheet
Multifamily Cap Memo

Town Web Page on Inclusionary Zoning

Town of Westport Zoning Regulations

Petitioner Information:
Resident Petition

Presentation information:
Zoning Chart
Acreage & Property Chart
Map of Properties
Demo Project Financial Impact

Additional Charts on Zones:
Final Acres per zone
Post Road East
Post Road West
Riverside Avenue
Wilton Road
Imperial Avenue

RTM P&Z Committee Reports:
Main Report
Minority Report