Welcome to the D1 website. This is an informational site for everyone in our district and beyond. It is a work in progress and will continue to be as what occurs around us changes.

Thank you for re-electing me to my 5th term as your representative. I'm honored to serve you.


A Wine & Food Tasting and Retail Experience

The Slice returned under the auspecies of the Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce and was bigger than ever in 2014

Information to Aid the RTM in certain decisions:
Sunday Liquor Rule Change

Matthew Mandell is Chair of the RTM's Planning and Zoning Committee.

The following is information on reviews of P&Z decisions.

Information on Appeal of P&Z decision to make Barons South open space (sustained, 20-14 vote, 24 was needed to overturn)

Information on Appeal of P&Z Negative 8-24 Report to relocation the Kemper Gunn House (Unanimous Overturn)

Information on Westport switching from an RPA to a COG

Information on Appeal of P&Z decision to allow senior housing on Barrons South, Text Amendment #625 (sustained)

Information on Appeal of P&Z decision to change Coverage, Text Amendment #621 (overturned)

Information on Appeal of P&Z decision to create Inclusionary Zoning, Text Amendment #618 & #619 (sustained)

Information on Appeal of P&Z decision to modify the Historic Design District, Text Amendment #601 (overturned)

Barons South RFP Overview (draft)
Barons South RFP (draft)

Read IN PLAY to see some things that are going on. Of interest - Nordon property is back, but the project is much smaller and saves open space. Also with Nordon comes the continued threat to old Saugatuck Neighborhood

Hear what Matthew said about Smart Growth in a radio interview last year.

Watch a 5 minute video on-line of the Partrick Wetlands dedication ceremony.

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